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A blockchain is a digital ledger that keeps an unchangeable record of data operations.  It allows millions of assets to be exchanged in a transparent, secure and decentralized way, with total traceability. 

On top of such ledger can be developed  « smart contracts »: sophisticated programmes which can calculate and execute value transfers based on the fulfillment of predetermined conditions. These smart contracts make it possible to automate operations and  reduce the costs of verification, execution, arbitration and fraud.

Because of its fragmentation, complexity and opacity, the entertainment industry is a privileged application sector for blockchain technology, especially smart contracts which represent a great opportunity for the automation of rights management and revenue redistribution.


How does Cascade8 work with blockchain?

One of Cascade8’s long term blockchain project is Blockframes, an open-source right & revenue management platform, allowing the replication of a film’s chain of title on a blockchain. It enables reliable and transparent tracking of all payments related to a film’s chain of title, as well as the automation of rights management and revenue redistribution.

Initiated in September 2018, Blockframes had a successful proof of concept with the movie Terra Willy (it managed to calculate the film’s complete waterfall on the public Ethereum blockchain). Since then, Cascade8 has been conducting in-depth research and development, in collaboration with major institutional industry players, to build a powerful tool to streamline the content industry.

Since early 2021, Cascade8 has also been looking at NFTs, as they represent a great new revenue stream for audiovisual content. 

What is an NFT? NFTs are non fungible tokens. They are secure (blockchain-based) certificates of ownership to any kind of virtual asset. Simply put, they’re a new way for people to own digital assets. They represent a great opportunity for content producers and creators to generate new revenue on existing content or even finance new works…

For over a year now, Cascade8 has been conducting technical and legal research on NFTs in collaboration with industry experts, positioning itself as an NFT Lab for the entertainment industry – providing rights holders with expertise (technical, legal, marketing) to help them create end-to-end NFT campaigns for films and TV series.

Cascade8 launched the first NFT marketplace for films and TV series NFTs:

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