Cascade8 is developing an ecosystem of applications to optimize rights & revenues management in the content industry.
Each Cascade8 app aims
 to a solve specific pain points in the production chain (relating to film financing, avails management, catalog monetization, process optimizations (P&As, delivery)…)




Tailored for executive producers, Blockframes simplifies distributor statement management, handling even the most complex waterfalls effortlessly. 

With intuitive features like visual timelines and blockchain saves, transparency and security are of utmost importance 

Collaborate seamlessly with partners and raise funds confidently, all while enjoying lightweight implementation and swift integration.

is the first NFT marketplace for films and TV series, enabling the creation and sale of NFTs linked to audiovisual works. 

Since early 2021, Cascade8 has been conducting in-depth research on the legal qualification of NFTs for audiovisual works (existing and future) and its integration into waterfalls will be hosting its first NFT Collection on the film Blood Machines, by Seth Ickerman in February 2022. 


Archipel Content is the first content marketplace to offer
multi-seller deals 
(for TV, VOD and ancillary rights). 

It centralizes a multitude of rights holders’ contents
to help them monetize their catalog at its full potential 
by offering content buyers a simplified way of buying content.

The app was officially launched at the Cannes Marché du Film 2021.


Archipel Market  is the sister app of Archipel Content. 
It is an ongoing film market platform: it replicates the activities of traditional film markets online and facilitates interactions between buyers and sellers all year round, in parallel with or between film markets and festivals.

As of today, the platform is used by over 1,600 buyers from over 850 companies, including major names like Apple, Alibaba, Amazon, Netflix, HBO, Hulu, A24, NEON, Lionsgate, Paramount… and 20 sales companies.

… And many more to come!

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