Empowering the film community

Cascade8 is the tech branch of French media group Logical Pictures.
Its activity comes straight from the expertise of professionals of the content industry: 
Logical Pictures (film production and financing), Pulsar Content (international sales), The Jokers (distribution and production), and other partners. 

Cascade8 develops a new technological ecosystem for the entertainment industry, 
aiming at solving bottlenecks at each step of the value chain.

Blockframes is an open-source platform allowing to record and protect all contracts related to the financing and distribution of a film on a blockchain. Blockframes enables reliable and transparent tracking of all payments related to a film’s chain of title. 

Dapps (decentralized applications) are complementary services are developed to solve specific pains of the film industry. For example Cascade8 is developing Dapps dedicated to film financing and to some process optimizations (P&A, Delivery…)

DApps (Decentralized Applications) are blockchain based applications connected together through Blockframes, aiming to solve specific pain points in the content industry (relating to rights trades, film financing, process optimizations (P&As, delivery), etc. )


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A single blockchain ecosystem TO empower the entire
independent cinema community

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