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Cascade8 is the tech branch of French media group Logical Pictures.

Its activity comes straight from the expertise of content industry professionals: 
Logical Pictures (film production and financing), Logical Content Ventures (film financing Pulsar Content (international sales), The Jokers Films (distribution and production), and other partners. 

Cascade8 develops blockchain and software solutions for entertainment industry professionals, aiming to solve specific pain points at each step of the value chain.




Logical Pictures is an audiovisual group with subsidiaries specialized in the content industry.

Created in 2016 by Yannick Bossenmeyer and Frédéric Fiore, Logical Pictures has established itself in just a few years as a leading player in the financing of films and series in France and abroad. Since 2017, Logical Pictures has invested in over 20 projects and enjoys a track record recognized in the industry: Revenge (Toronto 2017 / Sundance 2018), Farming (Toronto 2018), Swallow (Deauville 2019 / TriBeCa 2019), Pleasure (Cannes 2020, Sundance 2021), The Innocents (Official Selection in Cannes 2021 – Un Certain Regard) and Petrov’s Flu (Official Selection in Cannes 2021 – In Competition). 

Over the course of its investments, Logical Pictures has been faced with various inefficiencies 
and delays at different stages of the value chain, which led Bossenmeyer and Fiore to develop a will to provide solutions to answer these inefficiencies.




Frédéric Fiore and Yannick Bossenmeyer observed the first blockchain implementations in financial services in 2017. Convinced of the potential for simplification brought by this technology, they decided to create a blockchain-powered platform to aim at improving:

– the contractual organization of media projects (chain of title)
– the collection and redistribution of revenues generated by films (waterfall)

This was the beginning of Blockframes, a blockchain-powered platform enabling the registration (and thus protection) of all contracts related to the financing and distribution of a media project.
Blockframes also allows automated and transparent tracking of all payments
related to a film’s chain of title.

Following a successful proof of concept of Blockframes with the animation movie Terra Willy,
presented at the 2018 Toronto Film FestivalLogical Pictures launched Cascade8  to develop an ecosystem of DApps (decentralized applications): web platforms interfaced together through blockchain. 

Cascade8 is supported by the CNC (French National center for Cinematography)
and BPI France (French public investment agency)
through the RIAM Program, supporting innovation in the movie industry.

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