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Once upon a time …

Blockframes is developed by Cascade8. 

Cascade8 comes from the direct experience of Logical Pictures, a French investment company created in 2016. Logical Pictures has invested in 15 films, mostly European. Over the course of its investments, Logical Pictures has been confronted with excessive delays in the processing and payment of the film value chain (financing / production / distribution). 

Frederic Fiore, founder of Logical Pictures, observed the first blockchain implementations in financial services in 2017. Convinced of the potential for simplification brought by this technology, he decided to create Blockframes to improve:

The contractual organization of audiovisual projects (chain of rights)

The collection and redistribution of the various revenues generated by the films (waterfall)

Thus, Blockframes is a trans-national platform that allows the blockchain to be registered (and thus protected) all the contracts relating to the financing and distribution of a cinematographic work. Blockframes also allows automated and transparent tracking of payments related to this chain of titles.

Blockframes is live !

Since September 2018, a prototype of Blockframes has been set up to manage contracts and B2B transactions (between distributors, international sales agents and co-producers) of 10m$ movie Terra Willy, a French animated film with international distribution. Terra Willie’s chain of title is encrypted through “smart contracts” into Blockframes. It has executed instantaneously the waterfall on any revenue sent to the movie by international distributors through an “add income” button.

This proof of concept, presented at the Toronto Film Festival in September 2018, has been acclaimed by the major players in the independent film industry in Europe and North America. 

Cascade8, spin-off of Logical Pictures, was created to develop Blockframes in a more mature and marketable version. The company is also developing DApps (decentralized applications); web platforms and related services at Blockframes.
Blockframes aims to be an open source tool, almost free, on which new services will emerge via DApps created by Cascade8 or third parties. Indeed, third parties can take advantage of Blockframes and bring value to the ecosystem (like iOS apps). 

Blockframes is supported by the CNC and BPI through the RIAM program, that supports innovation in the movie industry.

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